The Best Way to Legally Sample a Song?

When it comes to how to legally sample music, there can be a lot of confusion around what is and isn’t legal. Although sampling music is an incredibly powerful tool in the world of music production, it’s important to understand when and how you can legally use samples in your own compositions. This blog post […]

Compare Benton and other music distribution companies

Without a doubt, there are many  music distribution companies for you to choose from today. You may ask yourself: Why Distro by Benton? The intent of this article is to show how we differ from all of the other music distribution companies.  We are and always have been focused on supporting independent artists. From the […]

Music Industry Myths to Avoid: The Poor Man’s Copyright

A challenge for today’s independent musicians is dealing with is the avalanche of misinformation that is thrown their way. In this series we will address a few of the myths that have withstood the test of time. This article will address one of the oldest: The Poor Man’s Copyright. What Is a Copyright? A copyright […]