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Music Distribution Companies

Without a doubt, there are many  music distribution companies for you to choose from today. You may ask yourself: Why Distro by Benton? The intent of this article is to show how we differ from all of the other music distribution companies. 

Why Benton?

We are and always have been focused on supporting independent artists. From the very beginning (2001), we have focused on educating and lobbying for the independent. Our platform was built with you in mind. We included many options for free that other music distribution companies charge for.

Our Features: and Benefits

  • Free ISRC and Barcodes: I know this should not be a thing, but other music distribution companies still charge for these
  • Assign Splits to all  of your  collaborators:  Easily assign a percentage of the sound recording royalties to any collaborator you want. Even if they do not have an account with us.
  • Release your songs in Dolby Atmos  Explore the transformative power of Dolby Atmos for artists, offering an immersive audio experience, creative freedom, and future-proofing music. More info here.
  • Full credits list:  We believe that credit earned should be given. As a result we provide the option to credit all of your collaborators. Options include: songwriters, engineers, session musicians and even the artwork. There are a total of 55 credits you can assign
  • Lyric distribution: Available on all releases at no extra charge 
  • Catalog Management: You can conveniently upload all of your tracks to our platform and add the meta data until you are ready to release them. 
  • Complete analytics and reporting: Stream and earning reports that are customizable and easy to read.
  • Fast and easy to use interface: Our interface is very user friendly and can upload a single in around 5 minutes.
  • Multiple subscription options: We believe that you should have options, so we give them to you. One option is revenue share. This option has no upfront fees and you keep 85% of the royalties. Otherwise, you can subscribe to an annual plan and keep 100% of your royalties. The choice is yours.
  • Keep all of your rights: A solution for the truly independent. There is no need to give up any of your copyright ownership. Distribute independently through us and keep 100% of your masters.
  • Create your own Indie label: Easily release your songs under your own record label. There are no additional fees or approvals required. Additionally, you can release under different labels at no additional cost.
  • Available in over 100 languages: Our platform automatically translates to your native language.
  • Free Pre Save Links: Every release comes with a link page to pre saves for Spotify, Apple, Tidal and Deezer See an example here
  • Free Smart Link Page: After your song is released, you will have access to a customizable smart link page with various links to your track. See an example here
  • Marketing Tools: Aside from the pre save and smart link pages, you can also share your releases to social media directly from the app. You can create a QR code and every artist has a free bio page. See example here
  • Supports multiple audio formats: Our platform supports the following audio formats: MP3, FLAC, OGC, WAV  and High Quality Audio up to 192 khz at 24Bit
  • Anti Piracy Protection: Every release is automatically protect against piracy via Audible Magic at no extra charge
  • YouTube Content ID: Collect royalties anytime your music is used in someone else’s video.
  • Works on IOS, Android and desktop: Many of our clients upload their release right from their mobile phones.
  • Free Digital Split Sheet App: When you collaborate with other songwriters, it is important to record what percentage of the royalties is due to every one. We created a digital split sheet and offer it to anyone for free.

Start Today

As you can see, we have put a lot of effort into making Distro by Benton a superior music distribution company. We built our services with you in mind and continue to build on it every day. Click here for more info.

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